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Case Study: Sol Retail

Stephenson's Online is an online retail & distribution specialist, who were looking to move staff to a larger stand-alone office building across town. The old office was attached to a warehouse building and hosted twenty users, with high bandwidth requirements.

They needed a fast dedicated fibre Internet circuit to serve the high bandwidth demands of their users in the current office. Plus their warehouse Internet utilisation, although relatively low, was expected to increase gradually as electronic stock picking systems are introduced over the course of the next year.

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Why Choose Optimus Networks?

We are networking specialists. Optimus Networks is owned and operated by experienced networking professionals. Our sole focus is data networking - encompassing Campus & Data Centre LAN, WiFi, WAN, SD-WAN & Network Security.

We stand by our customers and take pride in our work. We provide direct access to our team of senior network engineers from start to finish on every project, and those very same people remain contactable with the first hand knowledge to support you.

We are not just another reseller. Optimus Networks is a privately owned, fully independent WAN provider and ISP. We run our own core network, allowing us to consolidate fibre, copper and wireless connectivity from all major UK carriers and cloud providers onto one platform.

Sol Retail

Without Optimus Networks our office move would have been delayed by 3 months. Not only did they address all the needs of the business, they also conducted the work fast and within the complete needs of our team. I cannot thank the amazing team at Optimus Networks enough. Thank you, guys, for making our move happen.

Barry Tong - MD


We are vendor and carrier agnostic. To maintain product and service availability we do hold some partnerships with major networking vendors and carriers including (but never limited to); Cisco, Meraki, Viptela, Silver-peak, Fortinet and Neos Networks.

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