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What is co-managed network support?

Co-managed network support is where your internal IT team forms a working relationship with a networking managed services provider such as Optimus Networks, to support and maintain your networking infrastructure.

Combining an internal team with an outside MSP is a great way to fill knowledge gaps, keeping your network operational and secure whilst providing that little extra support as and when you need it.

Proactive network monitoring comes as part of the service, to speed up diagnosis and ensure help is at hand when things inevitably do go wrong.

Key benefits of co-managed networking support?

Co-managed networking support is designed to assist your designated in-house IT department, and reduce the burden of complicated networking issues that your team doesn’t have expert knowledge on, allowing them to focus their attention on IT projects that contribute towards business success. To help you understand further, we’ve highlighted some of the major benefits..


Why partner with Optimus Networks?

We are networking specialists. Optimus Networks is owned and operated by experienced networking professionals, not managers and financiers. Our sole focus is data networking. More importantly, we have years of experience running highly available, robust enterprise and service provider networks.

Not just another IT reseller. Optimus Networks is a privately owned, fully independent WAN provider and ISP. We run our own core network, allowing us to consolidate fibre, copper and wireless connectivity from all major UK carriers and cloud providers onto one platform.

We stand by our customers and take pride in our work. We provide direct access to our team of senior network engineers from start to finish on every project, and those very same people remain contactable with the first hand knowledge to support you. We won't fob you off to a call centre with scripted questions.


Put Clients First 

Client satisfaction is paramount to any successful business, and a client-centric approach is a crucial way to ensure this. We all acknowledge that every business has unique requirements which is why it's vital that whichever MSP you decide to partner with works cohesively with your internal IT department to build a complete picture and distribute help where it is most needed. 

Networking support with Optimus Networks is flexible and can be tailored to your bespoke requirements. Our experienced engineers will first conduct a thorough audit of your network to better understand the network and the cyber security systems that you have in place.


Network Transparency

One of the other major benefits of co-managed network support is increasing network transparency. When your team is overworked and under-resourced, keeping up to speed with your entire network isn’t straightforward. At Optimus, we can step in and provide the support you need by providing comprehensive monitoring of your network, devices and servers. We offer 24x7 365 day monitoring and alerts -so let out engineers take care of any urgent issues before they negatively impact your business. 

We’ll find the root cause of the issue, fix the problem and ensure your network remains secure. You’ll always be kept in the loop with communication on a weekly basis where we can show detailed reports highlighting all alerts and remediation work. 


Network Security Implemented by Specialists

Every week it seems new vulnerabilities and threats are reported. It is imperative that you have a solution in place to protect your and your client’s sensitive data. 

Optimus Networks security-conscious co-managed network support will ensure your networking devices are protected against complex cyber security threats, as they emerge. We always opt for a multi-layered approach to secure your business and implement solutions that are designed to prevent, detect and protect against the latest cyber security threats, ensuring your business has everything in place to operate continuously in today’s environment. 


Rapid Response Time

An efficient co-managed network provider should provide your business with a rapid response time when you need it most. This is imperative when your internal team are overloaded or don’t have the experience and knowledge required to deal with the issue. 

With an experienced and trusted team of networking specialists working alongside you, you are able to relieve some of the stress placed alongside your in-house team, meaning there is always someone on hand to prevent and investigate security breaches – allowing normal business practices to be unaffected. 

We avoid the traditional service desk approach, often staffed by inexperienced 1st line engineers. We get to know your team and put you in direct communication with qualified and experienced senior network engineers. Additionally, our Cisco-qualified engineers are certified to a high level and operate to an industry-leading SLA, meaning no matter the complexity of the issue they will be investigating and working on a fix as quickly as possible. 


Financial Benefits of Co-managed Network Support

With the financial difficulties of 2022 likely to continue into 2023 it is crucial that you save money across your business when you’re able to. Here are a couple of financial benefits to co-managed network support:

  1. User Productivity – All business owners and heads of IT departments look to technology to enhance productivity and improve the way you do business, when your technology doesn’t function, that’s a problem and when your users can’t work, you lose money.  According to a recent business survey employee downtime had reached an average of 12.4 hours per year due to server failure alone. Implementing managed support has been proven to reduce downtime by as much as 85%
  2. Infrastructure Cost – Using a managed IT provider can reduce the cost of IT infrastructure in a number of different ways. For example, when a managed IT provider is responsible for your infrastructure, you are able to significantly reduce the amount of infrastructure you need at your business premises by taking advantage of their data centres. Not only will you save on the cost of hardware but also and perhaps most importantly in 2023 – the energy it uses and the large amount of space required to store it. 
  3. Predictable Monthly Expense – When you have a support agreement in place with a co-managed network support provider, you’ll be paying the amount each month regardless of how much support you actually receive one month vs another. This will massively help when budgeting allowing you to be more flexible when investing in other aspects of your business. 
  4. Immediate First-Class Support – IT issues are known to seriously disrupt business productivity and hamper ongoing projects. Time spent struggling with these problems is money down the drain, especially if you’re not confident you know how to address the issue. When you decide to put your trust in a Co-managed network support provider you won’t have disgruntled employees shouting for someone to come and figure out why the network is down, instead you’ll be able to access an experienced engineer who can deal with your problem and get your business up and running again in no time. 
  5. Business Scalability – This is also often referred to as the Economy of Scale. As your business starts to grow, its structure needs to grow also. When you employ a co-managed network support provider you can freely scale your business up and down with nothing more than a simple discussion with your provider. If your headcount increases to 20, 35 or even 50 employees your provider can increase support to accommodate them. 


Co-managed Support with Optimus Networks 

When your internal team are struggling with huge workloads, co-managed network support can be used to ease the burden. The networking specialists at Optimus Networks can offer your business seamless integration and will quickly setup tools to monitor and maintain your networking infrastructure. At the same time we'll work on building a close working relationship with your team, to ensure when you need us a friendly and familiar voice will pick up the phone.

If you want to learn more, complete the contact form below and we will show you how our team of networking specialists can work to complement yours.

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