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Network Audit, Documentation & Analysis

The network underpins many aspects of the modern business. Networks are continually growing in size and complexity. However, increasing complexity often leads to instability.

If your network has become unstable, is underperforming or if you just struggle to grasp how it has evolved to its current state, we can help you untangle the complexity. We will analyse performance, pinpoint application traffic flows, identify bottlenecks and help architect your network to ensure your business runs on a strong, fast and stable foundation.


Our documentation and application-centric analysis of existing LAN and WAN deployments typically includes:

Physical inventory
Logical inventory
Hardware lifecycle status
Physical connectivity diagram
Network description
Logical connectivity diagram
Network topology review
Resilience considerations
Critical link health
Critical link utilisation
Application utilisation trends
Packet level analysis
Network monitoring

Questions Answered

Our network analysis answers frequently 
asked networking questions, including:

What applications are crossing the network?
Are factors such as latency or jitter affecting performance?
What is causing unexplained network drop outs?
Are user complaints actually network
faults or application issues?
Why is application X underperforming?
Is there enough network capacity?

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