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From Wifi to the Comms Room & Data Centre, the Local Area Network plays a crucial role in your digital infrastructure

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The Office LAN

The office LAN is an often overlooked part of the network. When was the last time you invested in yours?

Building your office network on a solid foundation is essential. We work with you to uncover detailed user and capacity requirements, ensuring maximum performance and fault tolerance.

We take the same approach with WiFi. Every installation has different physical aspects. Our wireless networks are constructed upon RF engineering principles, incorporating detailed site surveys and years of experience to ensure optimal coverage and maximum performance.

LAN Considerations

User Capacity
Fault Tolerance 
WiFi Coverage
Latency Guarantees
Application Requirements
New Technologies

The Data Centre LAN

Data Centre networking has evolved, we combine the tried and tested with more recent technologies like VXLAN to offer maximum flexibility and value. A Data Centre network built by us takes detailed application requirements into consideration, with fault tolerance and rapid failover as standard.

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