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Instant connectivity for remote offices, pop-up sites and mobile workers

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Rapid Connectivity with Broadband Performance

Optimus Networks offers 4G/LTE connectivity solutions to speed up deployments, install tactical connectivity and offer resilience to sites with limited fixed line options.

Our 4G/LTE solutions scale from indoor MiFi units to support an handful of remote workers, to external directional units capable of supporting a small office or remote installation. 

Our solutions can provide rapid connectivity using any mobile carrier or even a combination of multiple carriers to support pop-up sales and site offices. Alternatively 4G can be used to facilitate a longer term strategic primary or backup Internet / WAN solution.

When combined with SD-WAN solutions from Meraki, Silver-Peak, Cisco Viptela, Fortinet or Peplink, remote sites are able to benefit from a robust, carrier and technology diverse range of connectivity options. With a dual provider option we are able to bond and condition multiple connections to allow SIP over 4G, allowing instant deployment of landline telephony services in places where no landline is available.

In addition to an impressive selection of vendors, we utilise a comprehensive mapping database to locate the closest cellular provider installations and in most cases, we are able to provide Internet service over 4G which is comparable with fixed line broadband.

Instant Connectivity

Remote Offices
Mobile Workers
Backup Links
Broadband Performance
Directional Antennae
Built-in VPN
SD-WAN Support
SIP over 4G/LTE


Optimus Networks will ensure that our proposed 4G/LTE solution will be resilient by design.

We will recommend a minimum of two antennas, two mobile network providers and two geographically diverse mobile masts are used where available.


 4G/LTE connectivity is truly scalable. Optimus Networks uses the same installation method in each deployment.

Your 4G/LTE deployment can grow with your business and allow you to get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of instant connectivity.

Optimus Networks 4G/LTE connectivity solutions can move with you. Antennas can be uninstalled and moved easily to new locations with just a few days notice.


 As mobile network providers have improved their infrastructure and increased network bandwidth data costs have fallen and continue to fall. This fall has led to more businesses exploring the benefits of 4G/LTE connectivity.

What was once seen purely a backup solution the fixed line is now being used as a primary means of connectivity for sites and offices.

Optimus Networks will work with you to design and deploy the best solution to fit your connectivity needs and budget.


Multi-site MPLS WAN
Multi-site VPLS WAN
Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
Point to point Ethernet
Point to point wireless
Point to multi-point wireless
Centralised Internet breakout

Sol Retail

Without Optimus Networks our office move would have been delayed by 3 months. Not only did they address all the needs of the business, they also conducted the work fast and within the complete needs of our team. I cannot thank the amazing team at Optimus Networks enough. Thank you, guys, for making our move happen

Barry Tong - MD

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