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Based in Cheshire Optimus are always looking to work and support fellow Cheshire based businesses and organisations be it from a single-site LAN project, Multisite domestic and international WAN networks, or remote working solutions.

Here at Optimus Networks we have a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke, resilient, fast and cost-effective network infrastructure solutions.

For small to large size enterprises working out of one single office space or multisite infrastructures, Optimus Network believes the correct LAN and WAN solutions can offer fast and secure connections for all of your networking requirements.

We’ll provide expert support to ensure that the bespoke network infrastructure solution meets all your business, employer and customer needs, providing you with a secure, reliable and cost effective network solution for your Cheshire based business.

Whilst working in a single office it is essential that you are able to share and access key resources securely. With the solutions that Optimus offer, you can rest assured that your team will be able to conduct their work safely.

At Optimus our engineers have amassed many years working closely with leading technology partners to future proof your business and deliver competitive pricing and outstanding support.

How do we deploy a Cheshire based network solution?

Troubleshooting and design
Instant rapid deployment
Wired access to support phones and PC’s
Guest wireless network access
Secure Internet access with malware detection and intrusion prevention systems
Internet content filtering
Remote management
Remote monitoring and support

Why choose Optimus?

What makes us different?

By choosing Optimus, you are saying goodbye to disconnection, and saying hello to a forward-thinking, cost-effective and client-driven solution.

We understand that implementing new systems for small businesses can become expensive and ineffective, but we can offer you affordable solutions that will transform your productivity and enhance your connectivity.

We offer a hassle-free solution, tailored to your business’ needs; every client is different, which is why Optimus caters to individual problems and ensures that our solutions create profitable results for your business.

Optimus solutions will result in Long Term Evolution Internet (LTE), so that you always have wireless access at maximum navigation speed. We endeavour to maintain our working relationships by supporting our clients through ongoing communication and care.

Alongside solving problems as they occur, we will help your business solve their problems before they have even materialised. Optimus ensures that you are always ahead of the game.

Early Access to your New Office

One of the main reasons for delays moving into a new office is connectivity. Our single office Lan solutions, provide for fast deployment, dramatically reducing waiting time and getting you fast, early access to your new office.

Easy migration to leased line Internet

One of the major issues with regular broadband is that it slows and falters at peak times. Our simple transition to leased line internet will ensure that your business has access to a fast, secure network all day long.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) Internet becomes an automatic backup service

LTE Internet will transform connectivity within your business. This feature is fast working and reliable; It is cost-efficient solution will increase your network capacity and speed, providing an effective approach to the day-to-day running of your company.

Connectivity problems can be investigated without the need for a call out

In the modern world, running a profitable business is dependant on proficient connectivity. When your server is down, you lose potential customers, ergo, potential to make money. Our forward thinking solutions will resolve your connectivity issues, so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

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What goes into

an Optimus Solution?

At Optimus, we only use state of the art products in our solutions. These products are tailor-made for single office deployment but have the ability to be used as part of a multi-office system should your business expand. Each product has an important part to play in the provision of a fast, safe, and cost-effective connectivity solution that you can rely on.

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