Podcast recommendations

Here at Optimus our engineers love staying up to speed with what’s going on around the networking industry as well as developing knowledge of new and upcoming technologies. One of their favourite ways to do that is listening to a variety of podcasts.

Here are our top 5 Podcast Recommendations

1. Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers


Heavy networking is an unapologetically geeky deep dive into all things networking technology. Their weekly episodes feature industry leading experts with real-life hands on experience. Their focus is providing genuinely useful tips and tricks that you can start applying to your company’s network.

RSS: https://feeds.packetpushers.net/PacketPushersWeeklyPodcast

Favourite Episode – 627 Networking Automation As A Business Culture

Frequency – Weekly

Avg Length – 50 mins


2. Network Break from Packet Pushers


If your aim to stay up to date on all IT news, technology advancements and hardware/software deals then look no further than Network Break. This long-lasting well established podcast analyses stories impacting networking professionals. Make yourself a coffee and stay informed on all the latest news effecting the world of networking. 

RSS: https://feeds.packetpushers.net/TheNetworkBreak

Favourite Episode – 369 Cisco SD-WAN Ramps Up

Frequency – Weekly

Avg Length – 45 minutes


3. Network Collective


Network Collective pride themselves on developing a first-class community centric networking engineering podcast. Created by engineers for engineers.  Each episode aims to bring fresh insights from industry experts and pioneers. A wide range of topics include career management/progression to protocol deep-dives. 

RSS: https://www.networkcollective.co.uk/podcast/

Frequency – No set schedule

Avg Length – 50 minutes



4. Clear to Send


Clear to Send has one main objective – to teach its audience everything they would ever need to know relating to WiFi. Featuring design tips, troubleshooting common issues, interviews with experienced networking engineers and all the tips and tricks you could ever hope to pick up.

RSS: https://www.cleartosend.net/

Favourite Episode – Troubleshooting Common WiFi Problems with Mist

Frequency - Monthly

Avg Length – 40 minutes



5. The Cisco Learning Network


As an accredited partner we love staying up to speed with all things Cisco. Their learning network features tons of technical information as well as a host of professional networking opportunities you can get involved with if that's something you want to do. If any of your team are going down the route of gaining professional certification with Cisco then their learning network podcast series is a must as you become part of the community, interact with fellow professionals and students and prepare for success. 

RSS: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cisco-learning-network/id1349472942?mt=2

Frequency – Quarterly

Avg Length -  30 mins