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5G has been operational for a little while now but it’s still the word on everyone’s lips in the networking space with the technology expected to hit over one billion connections as soon as 2025.

The 5th gen of mobile networks delivers substantially faster download speeds, reduced lag and a more stable connection than previously introduced 3 and 4G. All of this sounds great, so what impact might 5G have on your business?

How we Deploy a 5G Solution 

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The arrival of 5G has not been defined as new technology or an overnight revolution but rather by the increased opportunities 5G will unlock and provide opportunities to develop increasingly advanced technologies.

Improved speeds estimated anywhere between 20-100 times faster than 4G and speeds of over 1Gbps depending on location, plus lower latency and greater capacity mean substantial growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Reliable and instant connections make remote working increasingly possible for business and more companies continue to adopt remote working and hybrid working options for their employees. This will allow for high-definition conference calls wherever your team are working from.

Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) and automation will also greatly benefit the 5G enablement of the Internet of Things (IoT) which continues to grow. 5G will provide both the speed and reliability to accelerate IoT connectivity, allowing for communication for up to a million devices per square kilometre.

A 5G network can offer opportunities to transform traditional sectors. For example, the farming/agricultural industry can use IoT sensors to analyse information instantly regarding fertilisation and watering needs, allowing farmers to guarantee maximum produce from each crop whilst reducing costs and waste.

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