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Wide Area Networks

Our multi-carrier Wide Area Networks are engineered to deliver resilience and optimal traffic flow. We combine traditional WAN & next generation SD-WAN technology with a diverse selection of carriers, to deliver a wide range of connectivity options.

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Local Area Networks

Our Local Area Networks are built to align with business requirements and tuned to meet application needs, with fault tolerance and rapid failover.
WiFi installations are constructed upon solid RF experience and deployed in accordance with detailed site surveys, to ensure optimal coverage and throughput.

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4G/LTE Connectivity

Optimus Networks offers 4G/LTE connectivity solutions to speed up deployments, install tactical connectivity and offer resilience to businesses who do not have the budget for multiple fixed lines.

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Optimus Networks can give you the speed, reliability, security and value you expect from your ISP, with none of the call queues, ticket systems and general hassle that has become a far too common experience within the sector.

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Data Centre

We maintain a strong working relationship with several data centre providers in the North West and bring years of enterprise & service provider networking experience to ensure projects are delivered with the appropriate LAN, WAN & Internet infrastructure.

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