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Traditional network architectures were not built to handle the sort of workload and complex requirements of most digital transformation initiatives. What should also be of concern is that business-critical services are generally across multiple clouds, which also compromises network performance further.

It should then, be of no surprise that network operations teams are turning to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). Business benefits that come with SD-WAN include reducing cost and increasing network performance. This innovative technology not only simplifies the management and operation of a WAN but also delivers plenty of day-to-day business benefits.

How we deploy an SD-WAN Solution

Understand Requirements
Identify Site Profiles
Determine Site/Sites for POC Testing
Evaluate Potential Products
Determine SD-WAN Solution
Implement SD-WAN Solution Rollout

SD-WAN Benefits - More Information

With SD-WAN business-critical traffic and real-time services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be prioritised and directed over the most efficient route to improve performance. When looking to improve security through SD-WAN you want to start by looking at a solution that can offer a wide range of built-in security features including IPS, NGF, AV encryption and sandboxing abilities.
SD-WAN can reduce the IT burden and lower the complexity of the WAN infrastructure by using your broadband to off-load those non-business critical apps, as well as automating, monitoring and managing your traffic through a centralised controller. It is becoming increasingly common for organisations to adopt some form of cloud service.
SD-WAN gives you the ability to direct cloud access at a remote branch, effectively eliminating all backhauling traffic and routing both the branch traffic and cloud traffic through to your data centre. This in turn allows your employees to access cloud applications directly -regardless of where they are located at the time, without placing a burden on your core network. Due to the ever-growing number of cloud-based applications, the amount of data that has to travel over the WAN has increased for many organisations quite dramatically - luckily SD-WAN can help lower these costs by using local low-cost internet access, offering direct cloud access and lowering the amount of data travelling over the backbone of the WAN.

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