4G / LTE Connectivity

Instant Connectivity

Optimus Networks offers 4G/LTE connectivity solutions to speed up deployments, install tactical connectivity and offer resilience to businesses who do not have the budget for multiple fixed lines.
Our 4G/LTE solutions can also supply the connectivity needed for pop up stores and events as well as being used for a strategic primary or backup internet/WAN solution.
We have seen speeds of up to 100Mbps over 4G/LTE SIM cards dependant on the deployment location and capabilities of mobile masts.
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Optimus Networks will ensure that our proposed 4G/LTE solution will be resilient by design.
We will recommend a minimum of two antennas, two mobile network providers and two geographically diverse mobile masts are used where available.


4G/LTE connectivity is truly scalable. Optimus Networks uses the same installation method in each deployment.
Your 4G/LTE deployment can grow with your business and allow you to get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of instant connectivity.
Optimus Networks 4G/LTE connectivity solutions can move with you. Antennas can be uninstalled and moved easily to new locations with just a few days notice.


As mobile network providers have improved their infrastructure and increased network bandwidth data costs have fallen and continue to fall. This fall has led to more businesses exploring the benefits of 4G/LTE connectivity.
What was once seen purely a backup solution the fixed line is now being used as a primary means of connectivity for sites and offices.
Optimus Networks will work with you to design and deploy the best solution to fit your connectivity needs and budget.